UCS student is one of ten honored nationally for conservation work
UCS student is one of ten honored nationally for conservation work
Posted on 09/28/2018
Student in green dress in front of capital building in D.C.If you see rocks with pictures of amphibians around the community, you can thank the mayor. 

Trinity Favazza, named the Mayor of Amphibiville by the Detroit Zoo, is making the rocks as part of a conservation project to remind others about the importance of taking care of nature. 

It is also another example why the Switzer Elementary sixth grader is one of ten students honored nationally for her work to promote environmental awareness. 

She recently visited Washington, D.C. to receive the President’s Environmental Youth Award from the Environmental Protection Agency for Region 5, which includes Michigan. 

“It was amazing,” she said. “I feel so blessed because most kids do not get awards from the White House or the president.”|

Favazza become the official appointed representative of amphibians after she wrote an essay about them for a contest sponsored by the zoo. She also is one of the youngest certified members of FrogWatch USA.

Her love of frogs, toads, salamanders grew from helping her dad clean the fields by their house.

“I have been doing that for so long I just realized amphibians are so awesome and cool,” she said. 
As mayor, Favazza helps the zoo with cleaning and caring for the amphibians at the zoo’s exhibit. 

She also spearheads conservation efforts, such as when she lobbied for a state legislative bill that would halt frog hunting and spearing. 

Her next effort is creating amphibian rocks that will be placed around the community and at the zoo. 

Caring for frogs and other amphibians is easy and for the most part just keeping the area around them clean and “just let them be,” she said.

“They are very sensitive to environmental change,” Favazza said. 

While there is a while to go before she graduates from high school, Favazza said she is learning toward being a teacher like her mom so she can continue to inspire others. 

“I know that I want to be connected with amphibians and nature,” she said.