Circus comes to town to teach students the art of performance
Circus comes to town to teach students the art of performance
Posted on 05/11/2018
Students in circus dressArts and humanities logoOn April 20, 2018, “Cirque Amongus” artists, along with Switzer's staff, families, Eisenhower's National Honor Society and Utica Academy for International Studies high-school student volunteers, guided all of Switzer's Elementary school students, through workshops and rehearsals comprised of the following activities:  acrobatics, barrels & globes, cycles, equilibristics, hoops, ropes & stilts, magic, manipulation juggling, tightwire, toss juggling and trapeze.

“The students were encouraged to come up with their own creative ways of utilizing traditional circus props in the creation and choreography of their acts for their final performance for their families and friends,” said Nancy Cannava, Switzer music teacher.  "Cirque Amongus' outstanding program boosted our students' self-confidence, provided a model for cooperative learning, and encouraged responsible risk-taking. “ 

Cannava called the event a beneficial school community builder. The collaboration of the high-school students, families, and teachers, provided an exciting, memorable experience for Switzer's students.

This opportunity was funded through a grant provided by the Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs and the Michigan Humanities Council.