Students experience Native American traditions
Students experience Native American traditions
Posted on 11/15/2017
Students dancing with presenter demonstrating Native American culture

Switzer Elementary experienced Native American Culture through a unique presentation that promotes the history and traditions of the Great Lakes Ho-Chunk Nation.

Two Native American guests with traditional backgrounds and upbringing spent two days with students to create better understanding of true Native American culture.   

The guests provided students with informative lessons through an  interactive learning experience of music, dance and art. 

The presentation was funded through a grant provided by the UCS Foundation for Education Excellence that was awarded to Nancy Cannava, Switzer's music teacher.

“At a very young age, we tell them how valuable the plants, valuable and birds are, and how they take care of their little ones,” said presenter Reg Pettibone.

On the first day, representatives of the tribe demonstrated cultural, geographical and historical lessons through an interactive presentation. Native American musical instruments and the stories behind their creation were also presented.

The second day, students created genuine deerskin bracelets. They also played an authentic Native American game.