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The Mayor of Amphibiville promotes Michigan's official conservation week
The Mayor of Amphibiville promotes Michigan's official conservation week
Posted on 11/29/2018
Trinity with Detroit Zoo shirt on
Both the Mayor and the Governor have spoken.

Throughout Michigan, December 1 through 7 is now officially known as Amphibian Conservation Awareness Week. 

Michigan Gov. Richard Snyder made the official declaration after being approached by sixth-grader Trinity Favazza. 

The resolution, drafted by Favazza, encourages Michigan “residents to reflect on the ongoing struggle for amphibian conservation and celebrate the contributions that enhance our city’s wetlands.”

Favazza has been selected as the Mayor of Amphibiville for the Detroit Zoological Society for two straight terms. 

During the conservation week, Favazza will be promoting awareness with her Switzer Elementary classmates by bringing in frog-themed items each of the five school days, such as frog treats/pencils/squishy toys/and bookmarks.

 She also created frog awareness cards that highlight a new frog each day with fun facts and pictures and an awareness brochure for her classmates to take home and help spread the word.

At the Detroit Zoo, regular Facebook posts will share “information about the importance of amphibians, their plight in the wild and details about the work we are doing around the world to save these species.” The Facebook page is located at:  

 Favazza has created her own website at

Below is the resolution adopted by Governor Snyder. 
Governor's Proclamation